Remember the Reay Gear Works? Well RW Transmissions later took over so this is a rare photo taken inside the factory about 1969

Another 1968 photo taken in the RWT factory that was origially built as a Platers Shed for the Newcastle Shipbuilding Company in 1919

Ex St Aloysius Priest Father Kennedy in the School yard. That is the girls end of the school & the Coquet St gate.

Bill Ramshaw in Australia kindly sent me this photo & others by snail mail. Thats Bill in Frobisher St 1954

Bill Ramshaw with his mates in a local pub or club in 1960.

The famous Swan Hunter-Wigham Richardson's built Liner 'Mauretania' leaving Wallsend in 1906-7

A nice old photo sent to me by Brian Henderson showing his dad & friends on a night out in the 30s

Jarrow man Terry Kelly in a Sunderland Care Home loaned this postcard showing Robert Stephenson's fire engine 1925. This Yard became Hebburn Palmer's

Ruth Scott's lovely 1920s or 30s photo of kids outside the Shop in Collingwood St

Thanks to Ruth for this second photo taken outside the Collingwood St shop

And here is the actual number 1 Collingwood St shop with Molly Soulsby. Ruth thinks it must be 1920s or 30s.

RW Transmissions 'Inspection Dept'. Every stage of production had to be inspected by these guys to ensure top class gears/gearboxes..