A photo I took in 1974-5 from River Drive area of South Shields

Another Slide I took from River Drive.

A photo I took of Pilot Boats tied up at South Shields in the late 60s

A photo I took of a Tug heading up river in the late 60s

I took this photo of the 'Border Hunter' coming into the river late 60s

It looks like the 'Ixia' has came in for a paint job on this photo I took late 60s. Today a housing estate surrounds that Dry Dock.

Border Hunter just into the river with tug 'Impetus' late 60s.

Border Minstrel in Dry Dock late 60s early 70s. That ship repair yard is now closed forever & housing surrounds it.

Border Minstrel in Dry Dock at Shields.

Ixia in Dry Dock late 60s.

The old turntable where the Newcastle to Shields Trains could be turned around

Border Minstrel in Dock at Sth Shields

Looking down River Drive towards the Alum House Pub & Ferry landing