A photo I took myself on a cheap camera from River Drive in Shields late 1960s pos early 70s

That turntable overlooking the dock was apparently used by British Rail to turn the engines 180 deg

Ian Glendenning's lovely old photo of a little girl related to the Hair/Gurr family on Shields beach 1920s

Another Ian Glendenning photo of a Hair/Gurr girl in the 1920s possibly 30s.on a local beach between Shields & Marsden. Anyone recognise where exactly

The Alum House Pub in the late 1800s early 1900s and which is still there today

St Hilda's Colliery in the early 1900s

St Hilda's Colliery in 1904

Shields pitmen from Westoe or St Hilda's 1896. At least they had Davy Lamps so weren't vulnerable to explosions underground like earlier pitmen.

The long gone St Mary's Church at Tyne Dock in the 1950s

St Mary's Terrace in the 1950s

Part of the Tyne Dock which is long gone

A riverside photo but I'm not sure where it was. I took the photo in the 60s or 70s so does anyone recognise the Jetty?