Allan Campbell's Grandfather AAC Campbell who was born in the 1880s in Hawthorn Leslies early 1900s.

Another Leslie's photo from Allan Campbell's excellent family collection.

Allan's parents on the 'High Road' outside Hebburn Cemetery around wartime

Bryan List sent me this photo which we now think is Palmer's Shipyard Workers but what was the occasion?

Elaine Russell kindly sent me this photo of her mam Flora Tollick in her Colliery School class about 1929. Flora was born in 1919

Allan Campbell's photo at E Nicod & E Morris's St John's Church Wedding 1920s or maybe 30s.

A Ken Turpin photo that he thinks was taken in Reyrolles. John Black tells me it looks like the 'Watt Loss room'

Ken Turpin's official Reyrolles photo. Is this an early photo of the High Voltage testing facility?

Allan Campbells great aunt worked for Leslies all her life. This photo shows Leslies Staff on an outing. Anyone recognise the location?

Allan Campbell's 1877 born relative Martin Jackson who was a Clerk in Leslies.He played in Music Hall orchestras. Recognise anyone? let me know.

Ken Turpin's lovely old photo of his mother Eleanor Tollick at the door of the family shop on Argyle St with sister Flora.

Bryan List's photo of his uncle Walter's lorries. We think that left is Blindburn St & right is Campbell St.